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Struggling With Google Ads? Here's What To Do About It...

Even if you've tried running them yourself, or handed it to an agency with disappointing results...

I was going crazy running concrete deliveries all day, then getting my head around Google Ads for hours at night…so I wanted to give the work to an agency but couldn't find someone I trusted...

👆 those were the first words Harry at Gills Mix Concrete said to me.


Harry, had been trying to setup and manage Google Ads (also known as PPC ads) for months, and like so many Concrete Suppliers he was still stuck with -

👎 A lack of time to to focus on running Ads

👎 Feeling unsure if he trusted a marketing company to do the job for him

👎 No clarity if the adverts were even successful

He had spent hours training and learning Google Ads, tested spending £1,000’s on different advert setups, and he was using Google’s “Smart Campaigns” to automatically manage it for him. All with no luck.


Harry’s situation is really common. 


I speak to Concrete Suppliers every month who tell me they wish they could hand over Google Ads to a trustworthy team who could handle it all with clairty and guarantee to never work with the competition.


But here’s the thing - a traditional Google Ads marketing agency isn't interested in doing that! 


They don’t want you to ask difficult questions or try to learn about Google Ads.

And they won’t think twice about running Google Ads for you, and every other Concrete Supplier in town!


But the good thing is that...


No Concrete Supplier Has To Stay Stuck With Google Ads Worries

(At least, not if you apply what I’m about to share with you…)

Over the years I’ve seen too many business owners beat themselves up when they fail to succeed with Google Ads.


Especially when Google makes it sound so simple and their competitor's phones are ringing off the hook with new customers.


But I want to take a weight off your shoulders - because it’s not your fault.


Your Google Ads disappointments aren’t down to your lack of effort, commitment, understanding or anything else.


It’s actually the fault of all the generic, BAD advice and practices out there....

4 Reasons Most Google Ads Agencies

Are Not A Good Fit For Concrete Suppliers


Mistake 1: They Don’t Know Your Industry


If they’re unfamiliar with the industry, how can they understand the mindset of your customers and the process of making sales?


Solution: Work with marketing people that have walked a mile in your boots, or at least have some involvement with concrete supply and construction.

Mistake 2: They Work With Your Competition


If an agency is managing your Google Ads and your competition’s who do you think gets the most focus, attention and quality work? The highest paying customer!


Solution: Refuse to work with marketing companies that work with your competitors.

So if trying to do Google Ads yourself, and handing it over to a traditional agency doesn't work...what DOES? 👇

Mistake 3: They Hide Your Ad Account So You Can’t See Anything

Many Google Ads agencies contractually “own” your campaigns and won’t let you login and see them all for yourself.

Solution: Choose a marketing agency that not only gives you full access but also makes sure you own every account yourself. ​

Mistake 4: They Aren’t Interested In Teaching You


It’s very rare you’ll find someone willing to share insights, information and 


Solution: As business owners, you deserve to know and understand what is and isn't working. Trusting people with your hard-earned money should be a process of shared growth. Always feel like your questions and challenges are being given attention.

Steady Bow’s Google Ads For Concrete Suppliers

At Steady Bow our approach is different to other agencies.


We’ve worked in your industry and we know how to sell concrete. We don’t hide your accounts away, and we never work with competing companies.


Where most conventional approaches rely on locking up Google Ads and just emailing you a report, with Steady Bow we focus on making sure you have total trust and confidence in our approach, and we make ourselves available to answer your questions at any time.


Here’s how it works:

1 We Set Everything Up


We do the legwork to set up or take over your Google Ads. We spend time listening to you to understand the locations, services that you know your customers are looking for.

2 We Do The Copywriting


We write you unique adverts tailored to get new customers clicking and calling you instead of going elsewher.

3 We Watch Closely


No handing campaigns to off-shore workers or cheap software. We manually look after the day-to-day bid and budget control of every Campaign and Ad Group.

4 We Report  Accurately


You may not have time to dig into a full report every month, but we'll provide one and be ready to answer tough questions and prove the quality of our work.

5 We Track Your Profit


We’ll do everything we can to help you track new customers attributed to Google Ads. From a tech and bookings perspective we can offer easy advice and support.

We offer an all-inclusive Google Ads management service specifically for Concrete Suppliers in the UK.


It’s the exact same method I’ve used with Harry at Gills Mix, and other Concrete Suppliers to help them go from feeling like they were completely in the dark to running successful Google Ads that are getting their phones ringing with new profitable customers.


Unlike other agencies offering to look after your Google Ads, we NEVER work with competing Concrete Suppliers in your area


We don’t take away control and access to your Google Ads accounts and we don’t require you to sign up to an annual contract with us.

And Here’s Some Results Our Clients

Have Achieved With Steady Bow Ads

As you can see, our Google Ads for Concrete Suppliers offering helps business owners to regain the confidence in their advertising, and an understanding of where they are investing their budgets.


In a way that’s hassle-free, faster than they imagined and is based on tried-and-tested principles from someone who has actually worked in the industry.

So what does it cost?

When You Sign Up to Steady Bow Google Ads, You’re Getting a Total Solution for Google Ads Management at a Fraction of The Price Many Pay ...

Were I to offer each part of our Google Ads Management separately, here’s what it would be -

👉 Setting Up Your Google Ads Accounts: £250

👉 Hours spent answering all of your questions (phone/email/whatsapp): £45/hr

👉 Professional copywriting to write and test your adverts: £200/day

👉 Website design consultation: £350


That’s a total cost of £845+ just to get started with Google Ads. Let alone what you’ll pay out to Google!

But you won’t pay anywhere near that.


Because Steady Bow's Google Ads For Concrete Suppliers isn’t £600


It’s not £400


I’m offering access to everything on this page today for a single £97 setup fee, and a 20% monthly management fee.

Message Us Now    📞 07491 653 374

And that includes everything.


No sneaky hidden extras.


Pay us £97 to get everything set up, and then each month we charge 20% of what you’ve paid Google Ads as our management fee.


You get -


⚡ Total management of your Google Ads

⚡ Your campaign managed by a team who are already spending £10,000’s with Google

⚡ A guarantee that we will never work with your local competitors

⚡ No contracts or long-term lock-in

P.S. You Can Also Take Us For A 100% Risk-Free 60 Day Test Drive

Because I’m so confident, any Concrete Suppliers who come on board this month can try us out, risk-free.

If for any reason you’re not totally satisfied, simply let us know within the first 60 days, and I’ll refund our £99 setup fee, no questions asked.


There is ZERO risk. 


P.P.S. Got Questions?


Great, I’m always happy to answer any queries!

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