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Does Your Business Serve Construction & Commercial Sites?

Steady Bow Will Get You More Phone Calls

Are Phone Calls The Beating Heart Of Your Business?

From new enquiries to returning customers, phone calls are probably a vital part of your business, and you know that feeling of anxiety when the phones go dead.

Using digital Ads, web design, and many years of experience, I'm here to get your phones ringing again.

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Who Do I Work With?

Does your business serve construction, commercial and industrial sites?


Do you manage and run a fleet of specialised vehicles, operatives and equipment?

Example businesses include concrete supply, aggregates, demolition, waste management, steel fabricators, package logistics and more...!

Then it's my mission to get your phones ringing with new work enquiries!


Service Suppliers I've Worked With

Let's Smash These Common Barriers Together 👊


You Don't Know Where  To Start

🚧 You know you can grow your business, but your efforts drain your budget and demand a new skill set you don't have time for.

💭 Imagine offloading your lead generation to a trusted partner with a proven track record.


Doing It Yourself Is Painful

🚧 If you've dabbled in DIY or partnered with agencies that also work with your competition, then you know the pitfalls.

💭 Imagine working with a dedicated expert who only focuses on your success?


Your Competitors Seem to Have It Nailed

🚧 Perhaps you've wondered how competitors have the time to figure out their Ads, SEO and social media.

You're not alone!

💭 Imagine having a Google Ads specialist in your corner with 7+ years experience.


Lackluster Agencies Have Left You Lost

🚧 You need transparency, not empty promises or complicated reports. You just want results and someone to take control and get it done.

💭 Imagine regular check-ins to keep you involved without doing the heavy lifting.

Ready for Real Support? 🤝

I'm Ben, founder of Steady Bow. I specialise in Google Ads and website design for service suppliers.


I've spent £millions on Google Ads, and have years-long relationships with my clients built on transparency, hard-graft and results.

Why not focus on running your business and let me handle making your phone ring? 📞

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Ready to make it happen? A 5-minute call is all it takes, I promise not to ask your life story! No fluff, just action 🎯

What Business Owners Say About Me

There's A Better Way To Get Phone Calls From New Customers

And It's Right In Front Of You 📱

Your customers are glued to their phone screens, and that's exactly where we're going to meet them.

That's why all my clients use my Phone First Framework growth strategy; it's a revolution in how we think about digital lead generation.

The Phone First Framework

Here's the steps I lead all my clients along:

🎯 Stage 1: Target Your Customers

Forget about generic strategies. We start by making sure your business shines like a diamond on those phone screens.

🚀 Stage 2: Optimise Your Exposure

This is where the rubber meets the road. I'll craft captivating websites and ad campaigns that aren't just pretty—they're potent.

📈 Stage 3: Amplify Your Results

You're already getting more calls, but why stop there? Let's take it to the next level and propel your business even further!

Like what you're hearing? Let's hash it out in a quick 5-minute call. No strings attached, just straight-up solutions.

What do you get with Steady Bow?

Actual Experience: I know the personalities and thought processes of your customers. Yeah I'm a keyboard warrior these days, but I've pushed a broom on site, I've lugged concrete pumping pipelines and I've answered the phones to 1,000s of construction enquiries.

Precision-Targeted Keyword Strategy: No more throwing spaghetti at the wall. I find the keywords your customers are actually searching for. Every click? That's a potential phone call.

Persuasion-Engineered Ad Copy: I'm not just writing ads with AI tools. I'm crafting messages that poke at your audience's real pain points. The result? They don't just click - they act.

Real-Time Performance Dashboard: No smoke and mirrors here. You get live updates that make your investment as transparent as a freshly cleaned window.

Insightful Monthly Summaries: I break down the geek speak into plain English, no jargon guaranteed. Know what worked, what didn't, and why.

Your Personal Success Partner: I’m your one point of contact, fully invested in your campaign's success. No passing you off to a junior here…

Ongoing Optimisation: I don't set it and forget it. Constant tweaks mean constant growth.

Competitor Monitoring: Keep your friends close and your competitors closer. I keep an eye on them so you don't have to.

Got 5 mins? No hard sell, just straight-up advice and actions. Call me today.

Who Is Steady Bow?

Steady Bow was founded by me, Ben Milsom in 2016.

With a background in marketing, construction and creative services, I'm lucky enough to have a job that uses all of the skills and knowledge I've worked so hard to gain.

You'll find me in my office in West Sussex, or visiting clients.

And if I'm not there I'll be surfskating (badly) with my 3 kids 🤙

Follow Me

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Steady Bow Marketing Ltd
Company Number: 10316235
​VAT Number: 253228322
0208 050 9708

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Thanks for your message. I will be in touch 👍

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