• Ben Milsom

Day 1: Setting Up Google Business

If you run a business and are stuck working from home, suddenly with a lot of spare extra unpaid time, there’s tons of digital housekeeping, that will take you 5-10 minutes, that you can do yourself, from your phone.

My goal is to give you jobs to do that follow(ish) these rules:

  • Takes 5 mins

  • Can do from your phone

  • Essential part of building your businesses' digital foundations

  • Applicable for ALL businesses, worldwide!

So your first job - and the most important - get Google Business setup.

This is how you make sure your business appears in Google Maps, and also gives you control of the “knowledge graph” that appears when you google your business name.

Start here:

It’s an obvious one but plenty of people haven’t done it.

Download the Google Business app, fill out the address details, and then wait for Google to post you a verification PIN.

Everything’s delayed thanks to the pandemic, so get this sorted today!

Lesson one done!

Keep an eye on my Instagram for future tasks you can do for yourself.

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