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Small Changes, Big Results

We Are Experts in Construction & Manufacturing Websites & Ads

Our Mission:

- Make your company easier to find, approach and do business with. ​

- Gain the advantage and outpace your competition who are still stuck in the stone age.

- Save you time and money as we take care of all the legwork for you.

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What We Do

We design and build modern, effective websites and ad campaigns for construction and manufacturing businesses.

In these industries, a sea of competitors cling to outdated methods, leaving ample opportunities for us to snatch up for you.

Contact us now to learn more:

Leap Ahead Without The Hassle

Your competitor's outdated methods are opening doors for you.


They're missing key opportunities:

  • No modern website

  • No online presence

  • No reviews or case studies

  • Old fashioned communication tools

This leads to slow customer service, poor discoverability and inconsistent business growth.

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Just a few small changes will make it easier for customers to find, approach and buy from you.

Now is your opportunity leap ahead without the hassle.

And we'll do all the legwork.

From designing a standout website, to writing all of the text and building you a strong online presence, we handle it all.


Let's surpass your competition with ease and efficiency.

Ready to make it happen? A 5-minute call is all it takes. No fluff, just action 🎯


Who We Work With


"Dealing with running the business and getting my head around Google Ads, website design and SEO for hours at night got a bit too much.


I wanted to find an agency I could trust and could get me resultsWe've been working with Steady Bow since 2019."

- Harry, Gills Mix Concrete Director

What's Holding Your Back?

Many business owners face the same roadblocks, from not knowing where to start to being let down by others. Here’s how Steady Bow helps you overcome those challenges and chuck rocks at your rivals:


1 You Don't Know Where  To Start

🚧 You know you can grow your business, but your efforts drain your budget and demand a new skill set you don't have time for.

🎯 With Steady Bow, our turnkey solution handles all the heavy lifting, providing a comprehensive service from strategy to implementation.


2 Doing It Yourself Is Painful

🚧 You're probably familiar with the DIY pitfalls. It's a frustrating tangle of writers block and wrestling with complex technology.

💭 With Steady Bow our expertise means you get professional quality without the legwork or trial and error of DIY solutions.


3 Your Competitors Seem to Have It Nailed

🚧 Perhaps you've wondered how competitors have the time to figure out their Ads, SEO and social media.

You're not alone!

👴 The reality is many are still playing catch-up. A few small changes can position your business well ahead of the curve.


4 Lackluster Agencies Have Left You Lost

🚧 You've been burnt before, you need transparency, not empty promises, and inflated costs. You just want results and someone to take control and get it done.

🗓 With Steady Bow, expect clear communication and measurable results. We focus on cost-effective solutions that boost business.

Ready for Real Support? 🤝

I'm Ben, founder of Steady Bow (est. 2016).


I've spent £millions on Google Ads, and have years-long relationships with my clients built on transparency, hard-graft and results.

Why not focus on running your business and let me and my team handle your digital marketing and growth?

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Arrange a 5 minute call today to see if we're right for you 🎯

What Business Owners Say About Us

Steady Bow Marketing Ltd
Company Number: 10316235
​VAT Number: 253228322
0208 050 9708

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